TFI 37: Brodie, Blades and Beer

Everyone’s favorite Kiwi, Ian Brodie, joins us for exciting news regarding our Long Expected Journey to New Zealand. Dave Stephens and his merry band of bladesmiths take over the show with adrenal glands in full production after a day of Arctic Fire. And we retroactively celebrate a Defender of Middle-earth (DOMe), Imperius. Only on The Founders’ Inklings!

Added bonus: Arwen – the artist formally known as “Donkey Hammer” – Kester nearly got a new nickname last night. We have a runoff between “Cupcake Hammer” and “Storm Born”. Cast your vote in the comments section below, and help us decide the one nickname to rule them all.

Show title by Ian.

The Founders’ Inklings is the show where a group of the founders of Middle-earth Networkshare news and views; we highlight network friends, invite special guests, and give you an inside view of the entire Middle-earth Network and its various community projects. And we invite you to participate in the show via the chat room at the bottom right corner of your browser at, or meet us inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on the Landroval server in Lord Of The Rings Online each Tuesday night at 10pm, Eastern Time.

Theme song, Prancing Pony by Marc Gunn.

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8 Responses to TFI 37: Brodie, Blades and Beer

  1. Avatar of Merrydew Merrydew says:

    Sigh… my Android is being a pain in the backside and I couldn’t listen while at work last night… pickles.

  2. Avatar of Bandoras Bandoras says:

    A Khaleesi is not part of a democracy. She is “Stormborn.”


    If this does not cry out “Stormborn”, I don’t know what does…

  4. Avatar of theviking theviking says:

    Just because she has earned it for putting up with Donkey Hammer these many months, I hereby cast my vote for Stormborn!

  5. Avatar of Kas Kas says:

    Stormborn all the way! ^^

  6. Avatar of Diamond Diamond says:

    I want Arwen to have the name she actually wants so I say go with Stormborn! I originally voted (in Inklings chat) for cupcake hammer because I thought it was cute, and “Stormborn” had no meaning to me, not being a person with full cable channels… but after I heard what it meant to her, I wished I’d voted for that instead.

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