Announcing, the easiest way to catch The Founders’ Inklings from your mobile device!

Bookmark and instantly access the most recent and past podcasts from the Middle-earth Network Founders.

If you have an Apple iDevice, here’s how to listen and add a button to your home screen:

1. Launch Safari. 2. Enter displayed above into the address box.
iphone iphone
3. A list of the episodes for that podcast should display, simply press to play. 4. To bookmark, press the + symbol or the Action button (small square with an arrow in it) on the bottom tool bar.
iphone iphone
5. Enter a name for the button to display on your iPhone. 6. Press the newly created button whenever you want to listen!
iphone iphone
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2 Responses to Announcing

  1. Avatar of kylie kylie says:

    Super awesome – now I just need a ‘real’ mobile… :D

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